Monday, June 10, 2019


    During our trip to Panama I inadvertently erased many of the photos I had took, including the photos from May 24 and 26, when we were out birding with our birding guide.  When we got back to Toronto I tried to recover the photos using several recovery apps that I downloaded from Google Play. None of them worked.
   In a panic I went to Henry's Camera Store at Kennedy Commons in Scarborough to see if their recovery software could recover these photos. Luckily, it did recover them and I have since posted them on this birding blog,   Because of this recovery I added fifty new species to our Photographic Life List.
   Low and behold, it also recovered photos I thought I had lost, that I took over 1 1/2 years ago in the San Francisco area, when we were also birding with a birding guide. These photos included bird species new to our Photographic Life List, which I never took credit for, since I didn't have a photo.  I now am adding these photos to the blog and taking credit for them.  Also, I am adding photos to the blog where we have photographed the birds before, but not in the ABA area (U.S. & Canada).
   This recovered photo of the Black Phoebe is the first one we are adding; it was new to the ABA area.   Other recovered photos will follow.

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