Thursday, June 18, 2020


     A Sedge Wren has been reported on eBird at Springbank Park (this is how it is listed on eBird; its full name is Springbank Meadow Park) in Mississauga, Ontario since June 13, 2020.  We decided to see if we could find it.  Low-and-behold, there it was at the entrance to the park on Springbank Road almost as soon as we arrived.

   We can ID this wren as a Sedge Wren as follows:
  • Streaked crown ( similar wrens such as the Marsh Wren and House Wren do not have a streaked crown)
  • Distinct,wide buffy eyebrow (the eyebrow of the House Wren is thin and indistinct)
  • Back (what we can see of it) and wings are brown streaked with dark and white
  • Whitish throat and buffy underparts
  • Pink legs and feet
  • Thin, downcurved bill with black upper mandible and yellow lower mandible
  • Short tail and wings
  • Rounded and plump body shape

   The Sedge Wren is a new species to our Photographic Life List, which now stands at 985A.

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